Voguepay Launches at Silicon Valley

As part of plans to expand its business to North America, VoguePay, an award-winning online payment gateway will be hosted to a Fireside chat session on the 2nd of October 2019. 

The session is an entrepreneur series organized by Silicon Valley – Nigeria Economic Development (SV-NED), a platform that creates opportunities for founders across borders to share their story, thus creating investment opportunities for tech enthusiasts globally. The session will give VoguePay the opportunity to showcase the company and also reinstate her authority in the payments industry while sharing the value that VoguePay’s Borderless Digital Bank hopes to bring and how the participants can key into the future of banking. 

Since it launched in 2012, Voguepay has evolved from a simple online payment processor to a borderless digital bank with powerful innovations that will be unveiled soon.

The chat session will be anchored by SV-NED co-founder, Denise Williams and she will be joined by VoguePay senior management including Geoffrey Weli Wosu, Daniel Steeves and Mohammed Jega.

The event is expected to attract personalities like Irina Berkon Managing Director, Golden Seed, Agatha Barcelar, Candidate for Congress, Anna Zou, SVP Commercial Banking, East West Bank and many other delegates from industries such as Banking, Fintech, Ecommerce and Payment Service Providers. 

To participate in the event in Silicon Valley, register online in the guest list  >> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/oct-2nd-in-silicon-valley-tickets-71192660163