Free download – Rhapsody of Realities August 2016 Edition

Free download – Rhapsody of Realities August 2016  Edition

The Bible Is God’s Testimony ·

Text – For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost (2 Peter 1:21).

The Bible is a revelation; a compilation of the outbreathings of God; it’s God’s revelation given in words. Yes, it contains history, poetry, prophecy and so on; but these are all according to the Spirit of God and from His perspective.

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You’ll find in the Bible what God said; what angels said; what Satan said; what demons said; what prophets said; what men and women said, and what even an ass said. But they’re all God’s testimony of what they said.

Therefore, when we say the Bible is God’s Word, it’s true, because it contains the testimony of God. A testimony is a statement or affirmation of a fact. In a court of law, it’s the aggregate of proof offered in a case; the statement of a witness.

In Christianity, we believe and affirm that the Bible is God’s authentic declaration of Himself, of His works, of His plans and purposes, and of His views. Anyone who doesn’t believe this isn’t a Christian.

The Bible says all scripture is given by inspiration of God (2 Timothy 3:16); holy men spoke words that were carefully chosen by the Holy Spirit. This means the Holy Spirit didn’t only breathe God’s Word into the lives of these men, He actually moved them to write as they did. This makes the Bible trustworthy. You can trust its writings, because it’s more than a religious book; it’s the testimony of God.


Thank you precious Lord, for the revelation of your personality, will, purpose and character through the Scriptures. Your Word lightens my path and guides my life. I’m built up and energised by your Word for the ever-winning and triumphant life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

further study: 2 Timothy 3:16; John 17:17; Psalm 93:5

Many, out of ignorance, treat the Bible like any other book. They say, “Inspired men wrote the Bible the same way William Shakespeare was inspired to write ‘Julius Caesar.’” That’s not true. There’re different kinds of inspirations. There’s the inspiration of a poet, which has nothing to do with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. A poet could look at nature and be inspired, but the inspiration that comes from the Holy Spirit transcends such; it’s divine inspiration.