Creative Mind Makers Academy Training Programme

CMM Academy is a cause-driven training school that aids intelligent Nigerians to build indigenous ‘glocal’ corporations (that is, to build enterprises with global drive and local edge). Championing this drive, our program is designed to turn a generation of local creative-design nerds into innovative Social Entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to serving the needs and careers of our students/attendees by actively engaging the companies that make up the multimedia and digital design industry. Every course/program goes through an ongoing assessment and evolution, ensuring that students/attendees receive a training that is current and relevant.


This is accomplished through industry feedback and insight, and the specific guidance of groups of interface/multimedia design professionals, business developers and brand builders who make up Instructors for each of our programs. We are humbled by the success of our graduates, as well as the passion of our instructors and facilitators – all of whom contribute to making this what we think is one of the most unique educational communities in Nigeria. Today, people from all over the country come here to pursue their passion, create the art they love, and share ideas with like-minded individuals.


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Our Office

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