Kwese Tv Prices everywhere in Africa & where to buy in Nigeria


Watch Kwesé on your Tv using the Kwese decoder. The Kwesé decoder allows you to watch Live TV and Catch Up. Connect your hard drive to the decoder and you can set as many recordings as you like to watch later. You can buy a decoder and/or a satellite dish at one of our stores or online in certain territories.

Kwese TV Prices in Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Kenya and other African Countries

Country Decoder Only Decoder, Dish & Installation
Botswana 318 BWP (excl. dish repoint) 510 BWP (see help page for more info)
Ethiopia 1765 ETB 2400 ETB
Ghana 76 GHS 145 GHS
Kenya 3059 KES 4990 KES
Lesotho 307 LSL 540 LSL
Malawi 34338 MWK 50600 MWK
Namibia 809 NAD 1145 NAD
Nigeria 5740 NGN 10960 NGN
Rwanda 21150 RWF 40000 RWF
Swaziland 404 SZL 660 SZL
Tanzania 58405 TZS 98500 TZS
Uganda 81000 UGX 143000 UGX
Zambia 262 ZMW 490 ZMW
Zimbabwe Not Applicable 49 USD


Kwese TV Subscription plan in Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda & other African Countries

Country 30 days 7 days 3 days
Botswana 295 BWP 88 BWP 50 BWP
Ethiopia 645 ETB 195 ETB 105 ETB
Ghana 110 GHS 35 GHS 15 GHS
Kenya 2,960 KES 890 KES 475 KES
Lesotho 350 M 105 M 56 M
Malawi 21,050 MWK 6,320 MWK 3,370 MWK
Namibia 390 NAD 120 NAD 60 NAD
Nigeria 6,275 NGN 1,850 NGN 990 NGN
Rwanda 20,380 RWF 6,115 RWF 3,300 RWF
Swaziland 385 SZL 116 SZL 56 SZL
Tanzania 64,550 TZS 19,365 TZS 10,330 TZS
Uganda 106000 UGX 32000 UGX 17000 UGX
Zambia 250 ZMW 75 ZMW 40 ZMW
Zimbabwe 25 USD 7.50 USD 4 USD


Where to Buy & Watch Kwese TV Decoder

Buying Kwese Tv Decoder has been made very easy. here are 3 ways to enjoy your kwese TV Services

  • You can shop online on   by selecting the country you reside your will be redirected to your country store where you can place order online and pay in your own currency.
  • Watch online – All you have to do is connect to the internet and watch directly on
  • Watch on the app -Watch Kwesé wherever you are by using our iOS or Android app. Simply download the app onto your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to stream live channels and Catch Up content on your smart device. Streaming using WiFi is always recommended.
  • Buy from an authorized dealer near you.

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