Best Mobile Apps for Car Insurance in South Africa

car insurance in south africa

Mobile car insurance apps in Africa have improved how insurance companies deliver their products and services to car owners. Insurance companies in South Africa are one of the leading companies in Africa offering car insurance apps to their customers.

South African law requires that every car have at least a Third Party Only car insurance. This is the case for South African car owners and it also applies to car insurance for tourists and other foreigners in South Africa.

Having the right car insurance is critical since it covers your vehicle against incidences and third-party liabilities. Some insurers give you a chance to pause your insurance when you are not driving. Mobile car insurance apps allow you to have a cheaper car insurance policy than standard car insurance due to less operational costs. 

The following 6 examples are generally considered as good options for car insurance mobile apps in South Africa.

1. Santam Insurance App

Santam is among the major car insurance companies in South Africa. It provides mobile apps for car insurance for Android and iOS. The mobile app car insurance is convenient and affordable. You can register your car via the mobile app, pay your premiums and also make a claim. The app is integrated with great features that come with a claims card, accident reporter and policy and claims.

The policy and claims feature allows you to quickly and conveniently make changes to your insurance policies. You can access, track your claims and see the progress from anywhere. The accident/incident reporter feature allows you to report and document an incidence directly to the insurer. You can take pictures, upload them and even call the police using the app.

2. Naked Insurance App

Naked insurance is an AI-driven insurance company that was launched in 2018. It offers car insurance services online through android and iOS app. Besides, they provide other insurance services like home insurance. You can get a car insurance quote via the app super fast and insure your car for as low as R180 per month. Claims are also approved very fast, making it easy for you to continue with your daily activities within a short period.

Naked car insurance provides convenience through their CoverPause. This means you can save money when you are not driving your car by pausing your car insurance cover. When you have paused your car insurance, you are still covered against theft, fire and flood. When you want to start driving again, you will switch your car insurance.

3. King Price Insurance App

King Price is a South Africa car insurance company that offers online car insurance quotes. You only need to download the app from Google Play or App Store. There is no need to make a call or visit the insurer since you can get a quote online, register your car and make a claim in case of an accident through the app. However, they do not cover taxis and vehicles used for emergency services.

King Price Insurance has decreasing car insurance premiums as your car is depreciating. This makes sure that you get value for your money. They take a very short time to process a claim making it a convenient mobile app car insurer. You can buy their Chilli car comprehensive insurance and find the value of your money by paying less when you drive less.

4. Ctrl

Ctrl is an insurance app for cars and other insurance types in South Africa founded in 2017. The app, Android and iOS,  allows users to compare quotes and obtain car insurance cover. Moreover, the firm offers insurance advice on the app through its AI-enabled, intelligent chatbot as well as human advisors.

Other features available on the app include claim submission and home/roadside assistance in case of emergency. By using the app, consumers do not need to do any paperwork and make calls for car insurance in South Africa.

5. Outsurance Insurance App

Outsurance is a car insurance company in South Africa. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play store and start enjoying its services. One of its most excellent features is SmartDrive@OUT. The app will gather your information about how you drive like the distance, what time of the day you drive and how often you use your phone while driving. It helps the insurer to provide unique pricing for your car insurance based on your driving habits.

You can also reduce your monthly premiums by 10% if you meet the minimum requirements after joining SMARTDRIVE@OUT. You need to drive your car for at least 200 kilometers and have five separate trips so that you can be given a score on your driving habits. The app has a panic assistance feature to enhance your safety. It works by pushing a button to get an armed response sent to you.

6. MiWay Insurance App

MiWay is among the leading car insurance providers in South Africa. You can download their app on Google Play and App Store.

With the app, you enjoy convenience like vehicle inspection without having to drive to an inspection center. You do not have to visit the insurer since you can use the self-inspection feature. You can also ask their agents a question by chatting online. The app allows you to submit documents easily, update your details, view or add a cover, capture images if you are involved in an accident. You can also submit a claim online by answering a few questions. You will get a response after a short time.

Final Thoughts Car Insurance Apps in South Africa

The insurance industry in South Africa is one of the most advanced in the world. Its insurance penetration is above the developed world average. The ease and convenience of getting car insurance in South Africa using an insurance app will most likely impact positively the insurance industry in the country.