Frequently Used Greek Words in the Bible and meanings


It is an already established fact that the bible was written in Greek and the Hebrew languages. The Old Testament written in Hebrew and the New Testament generally written in Greek. A clear understanding of these originally used words give further insight into the exact rendering of what the speaker or writer was referring to. There are many Greek and Hebrew words used in the Bible. Some are used more frequently and have peculiar meanings.

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HiOS: TECNO’s Customised User Interface

Displays (Look and Feel) are what really make the look of our phone’s icons sleek and beautiful. HiOS display is a function of HiOS that offers a wide variety of eye-catching themes. TECNO  has made its mark as one of the most sought after mobile brands in many parts of Africa, especially Kenya and Nigeria, and […]

How To Buy Airtime From Your Bank Account using USSD codes

How To Buy Airtime From Your Bank Account using USSD codes Gone are the days when people have to go to banks or the ATM to queue in order to send money to loved ones. Technology has made a lot of things easier that with your phone anywhere you are you can control the movement […]

Countries and International Dialing codes

Do you want to dial a friend or family relation outside the country you are based? Here is a list of International Country Dialing codes, showing also the International Dialing Prefix (IDD) and the Country Calling Code by country. Every country in the world has its own country calling code, it is a single- or […]

My Research Project Published

Abstract For soils to be suitable for engineering works, they must meet existing requirements for index properties in addition to certain strength criteria. Typically, specifications limit these properties to some threshold values which in most cases are project specific. The objective of this study is to evaluate properties (such as moisture content, particle   size   distribution,   […]