Top Personal and Business Loan Facilities in Nigeria


Are you looking for a quick loan for personal or business purpose?

With the rising knowledge and development in the fintech industry all around the world, entrepreneurs have leveraged on this development especially in Nigeria to work with financial institutions to develop online apps that can allow you take a quick loan online even without collateral.

In this post, we will share with you where to get personal loans and business loans online without collateral and the ones the will require filling their forms and submitting at their office with other documents attached.


Here is a list of top lending platforms in Nigeria for business or personal loans

  1. Paylater
  2. Quickcheck
  5. Aella-Credit
  6. Zedvance
  9. Kwikcash by 9mobile
  10. Snapcredit
  11. Fint
  13. Credit Direct
  14. Payconnect
  15. Fairmoney
  16. Pennylender
  17. Purplemoney
  18. Rosabon Financials
  19. Page Financials
  21. Kudimoney
  22. StartCredit
  25. Renmoney

In our next article, we will write a review and summary of these quick loan platforms, how they operate, their interest rate, and much more.