Pastor Chris Declares 2018, as the Year of the Supernatural

Pastor Chris Declares 2018, as the Year of Supernatural

That moment when millions of faithful, all around the world watch via satellite and terrestrial TV stations, Internet or participated live at the prestigious Loveworld Convocation Arena or their local churches  arrived with the BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, declaring the word of the Spirit for 2018 as the Year of the Supernatural‘!

Pastor Chris, began by unveiling the new year in stages of revelation, beginning with the definition of ‘blessing‘, which he instructed the church members to write down; “to bless,” he said, “is to cause to prosper, to favor, to evoke successful outcomes, to infuse with divine abilities.”

pastor chris declare 2018 as the year of the supernatural

The BLW President further expatiated on the heart of the Spirit for us in this glorious year, listing seven areas through which the message of the year will be witnessed namely:

  • supernatural supply;
  • supernatural strength;
  • supernatural abilities;
  • supernatural insight;
  • supernatural wisdom;
  • supernatural knowledge; and,
  • supernatural health!

Speaking prophetically, Pastor Chris said “there’s an intervention from the Heavens; angels are ministering, and the Lord Himself is taking center stage!” “You’re going to see the unexpected. You’re about to see the unimaginable,” he continued to declare in the Spirit.

Stay tuned to Ideologies Hub as we bring you live transcript of the message from the 2017 December 31st New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris.


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This declaration began in 1994, lets take a look at how God has led his people through the years

1994- Quenching your thirst
1995- Toward the mark
1996- All things are ready
1997- The year of focus
1998- The year of Excellence
1999- Go forward
2000- The year of order
2001- The year of Glory
2002- The year of praise and greater glory
2003- The year of Laughter
2004- The year of the double portion
2005- The year of the Spirit
2006- The year of shining
2007- The year of supernatural accomplishment
2008- The year of fulfillment
2009- The year of the 7 fold increase
2010- The year of the greater light
2011- The year as a burning and a shining light
2012- The year of the word
2013- The year of Favour
2014- The year of greatness
2015- The year of triumph
2016- The year of spreading
2017- The year of Flourishing

2018 – The year of the supernatural


On a personal note, Share your thoughts, plans, .and expectations in the year 2018 in the comment box.

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