Nigerians and the Desire of a male Child

#The Nigerian baby boy.
It’s amazing, how Nigerian couples who initially agreed, to have just two children only, usually break the rule, by looking for one more – a boy. Lol 

When the first child is a “boy”, every other gender becomes immaterial to many after, another boy or a girl, it’s all good. The rule holds.

But, when a Nigerian give births to 2 daughters successively, they usually crave for third if it will be a “boy”, and that’s why you rarely find just two sisters without another one – the third(Except among few strong Ones, who don’t care).

And funnily fate usually makes way for another baby girl and because of this many couples usually ended up with as many as 4 to 5 girls, against their wish.

In African family setting having a male child is held in high esteem, as it is believed that male children will bear the family names and continue the lineage.

Without a son, the family name and identity can be lost. In many cases, the man is usually advised to marry a second wife who can bear him a son. But for the Christian family setting marrying a second wife is seen as a taboo, hence the couples may wish to try again and again.


This can also be said for a case where they are all males, some couples may go the next round just to get a baby girl.

Many have lost a lot in the process of getting a male child as reported of a case in china

Really, Nigerian baby boy changes a lot of things but in all, the holy book says, every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord.

It is important to understand that bringing up children properly, giving them a good education, both formally and informally, so that they can grow up to be useful to themselves, the family and the society at large.

If we bring them up improperly, whether male or female, they end up as societal deviants. What they bring to us is the shame; nobody remembers the male/female dichotomy anymore.