National Waste Management Conference


With increase in population, urbanization and industrialization including globalization, the challenge of solid waste management in Nigeria has increased and even now complex. Yet, on the increase is the demand for good waste management service for public health and environmental protection. There is no National Waste Management Plan in Nigeria and if any is available in any of the States it is likely it will not be substantial. Recently, a draft Policy on Municipal and Agricultural Wastes was reviewed on 2011. It is hoped that the Policy will lead to development of a comprehensive legislation and possibly a plan that will address the issue of waste management in the Country. One major challenge in Nigeria is the enforcement and implementation of policy. This conference seeks to focus on the challenges of waste management in Nigeriaand to provide a direction, for the industry, to a future where waste is converted through national schedules in an economically viable manner which attracts investment into the industry. Challenges in waste management service delivery include; Lack of comprehensive legal framework and enforcement of the existing regulations; Low investment (private) in infrastructure; Inadequate human capacity for administrative and technical issues; Wrong attitude of the public towards solid waste disposal; Financing Cost recovery is low in most States and no funding; Poor Planning as a result of low data management and uncontrolled urbanization; Uncoordinated institutional functions; Low academic research and industry linkages and Lack of the needed political will. The Conference provides an opportunity for professionals, researchers, government departments and local authorities to exchange Ideas and discuss the work regarding the current situation in waste management as well as an anticipated future that will deliver an economically viable and sustainable waste management framework.


  • Waste Services Companies (including Landfill Owners/Operators, Independent Contractors)
  • Government official (including Local Governments and State Regulatory Authorities
  • Composters and Compost Professionals (including Private and Public sector Facility Managers and Owners, Marketers, Regulators, Consultants)
  • Organic Recycling Professionals (including corporate sustainability managers, consultants, Green Waste Haulers, and Public Sector Organic Professionals)
  • NGOs involved in Waste management

  • Waste Generators (Businesses and Organizations that Create Waste in Manufacturing, Retailing and/or Providing Services)
  • Recycling Firms (including Secondary Materials Processors, Contractors and Recyclers)
  • Consulting Engineering Firms
  • Trucking Professionals – including Fleet Owners, Operators and Maintenance Professionals
  • General Contractors/PSPs ( Private Sector Participation )
  • Health, Safety and Environment unit (HSE) of Multinationals

Why Attend

National Waste Management Conference

It is an annual Waste Management Conference focusing on fashioning a national framework for waste management & disposal, decommissioning, packaging & transportation, facility management and payment avenues.

You will network and connect with over 1,000 industry specialists and managers across the globe.

Several procurement and contracting sessions will feature upcoming business opportunities that you can benefit from.

There are many opportunities to network and interact with your colleagues.