MMM Nigeria participants panics as MMM Nigeria Freeze members accounts from withdrawing

Very early this morning the news that MMM Nigeria (Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox) has crashed spread like wildfire, sending fear across her members. It also made those intending to join to have a rethink based on previous postulations that this Ponzi scheme will crash sooner or later.

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This  Christmas for millions of patrons of popular Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox, MMM in Nigeria and the managers of the Ponzi scheme threw million of subscribers into panic its decision to freeze all confirmed Mavros money due for withdrawal for one month.

Those familiar with the scheme said, means members due for payment after having Provided Help (PH) to another person the month before cannot be paid or in the lingo of the MMM, Get Help (GH) until January as it was learnt that subscribers to the scheme received the message suspending payment for one month when they logged into their accounts on Tuesday morning and below is the message from MMM which is seen on their website when users try to login:

MMM managers said in the letter that payment to subscribers is being suspended because the system is experiencing “heavy workload” associated with the New Year season.

The managers of the scheme also blamed “frenzy” provoked by unrelenting media for the suspension of payment as the suspension of payment to subscribers is coming barely 24 hours after MMM founder, Sergey Mavrodi wrote an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, in protest against warnings issued against patronage of the scheme by various Nigerian regulatory and government bodies.

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Some senior users on the platform popularly Guiders, DonVal Amaechi and  Philip Awazi, explained on their blog,

The truth remains that the mavros in the system are safe until they are unfrozen. Those who have PH in the system shouldn’t cancel them because since all green mavro are frozen no PH will be paired.

For those who understand the system, what has happened is a temporary measure to save the system and saving the system is saving our money. If we are allowed to GH, by next week there may be no enough PH to pair the GH then the worst will happen.

This is a kind of caution taken to avert danger. So our mavros are safe.
I encourage those who want to PH to still do their PH. The maturity is January and doesn’t change anything by then the system is back and stronger.

Don’t loose hope, all of us have mavros in the system and let’s not use because of this little set back forget what MMM has done for us and will do more if the system is safeguarded.


Users are already expressing their dissatisfaction over the new policy.


Do you think MMM Nigeria will crash soon ?

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