Is Globacom Aware :An Open Letter To Globacom Management

Dear Globacom team,

Thank you for the opportunity you have given to Nigerians, thank you for the competition that you have introduced to the market.
Its on record that you were the first to start per second billing. Its a great opportunity to associate with you.

Firstly, I would like to Nigeria you know that you are my first network provider, and I have been using your services since 2006, isn’t that awesome, 10 good years of loyalty, 2 glo sims and all my staffs must have a glo sim. It could be CUG or normal pre-paid tarrif.
I remember promising myself that I will never get a sim, because of the cost 10 years ago, but you changed my perception since you came into the market. Many thanks once again.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your notice that for the last 3 months have not been enjoying your services as your network fluctuates in my internet enabled phone. Of course, I did test it on another phone that is not internet enabled and the network reception was a bit stable.
Initially, I thought that my phone was bad, till 3 friends of mine complained of experiencing same network fluctuations. This fluctuations have affected my business as one of the sims is my official number while the second is used for data subscription. Kindly look into this and rectify it.

Special shout out to your entire family, from gate men, security and cleaners, to customer service support, engineers, and the don himself, Mike Adenuga.
Thanks for flying our color in the international space, thanks for providing me with 3G network during my NYSC, (Lade, Pategi, kwara). I lived as though I was in the city, and you made that happen.

Unbehalf of your millions of loyal glo subscribers
I hail

– ideology