Finance convention 2018 with Pastor Chris

Finance convention 2018 with Pastor Chris. Day 3 Wednesday 5th September 2018

There are certain things we don’t major on every week, not because they are not important but we just can’t discuss them every week.

There are certain things that build you, we like to focus on those things. But there are other necessary things that will make you have a very vibrant and successful life.

Without the word anyone is living an empty life. You are a spirit being. Don’t be deceived by the praise of men.
There is no glory that can be compared to the glory of the human spirit.
As you receive the word, your glory increases.

What are sacrifices? They are things dedicated and offered to a deity.
An altar is a place or structure designated to receive gifts and sacrifices for a deity.
It’s also a place you meet with God.

Tithing is not an instruction of the law, it’s an instruction of faith. Abraham tithed and he lived before the law.

These instructions were not given to make God better, they are for us to follow so that we can enjoy the things given to us in the kingdom.

When you don’t give God your first fruit you are exposing the rest of your resources to satanic attack.

There is nothing in this earth that satan can throw at me that will shake my faith. Why?
I have found out from the word. I’m steadfast and unmovable.

No matter what happens never found yourself stressed.
When you are in God you are in absolute rest. There are missiles that will be thrown at you but refuse to be stressed.

You got to come to that point in your life where you realize that you and Christ has become one so you become unshakable.
He never promised us a life without trouble but he promised us peace in the mist of the storm.

How are you so sure you will always be a success?

Gen 8:20

Every where Abraham went to he built an altar. Why are the Jews the richest people on earth today, because they followed these same principles of their fore fathers.

The children of Israel went out of Egypt with their own cattle but they were asking God for meat in the wilderness. Why didn’t they eat their own cattle?
They were using them for sacrifices, they committed their wealth to God and that gave them the right to demand for a miracle from God. And they got it.

The blessings God bestowed upon us in the church cannot be compared to one the children of Israel got.
It’s much bigger and most Christians don’t know it.

God choose to bless his people through human beings.
He used a prophet Moses and not a strong man to deliver Israel.
It’s not the strength of a man.

When you learn to yield yourself to God, he can use you.

Philippians 4:15-20

My God shall supply all your needs…… is not a confession. It’s a blessing released by the Apostle Paul to the Philippians church.

A sacrifice is offered by faith. Until your finance are supernaturally blessed. You are not experiencing the gospel in your finances.
If you are just experiencing what everybody else are experiencing in your finances the gospel is not in it.
It should be ever flowing.

There is a differencesacrifices between sacrifice and seed.
You sow your seed because you want a harvest but your sacrifice is what changes your situation.
Sometimes seed is not a enough, you can have a harvest but the cause of the situation remains and you go back to the situation.

A sacrifice may not produce a harvest because its not designed for a harvest.
It removes the cause and changes a man’s destiny.

God will bless you to the point that He can and from that point, He expect you to act on your faith.

You can either be a partaker of God’s altar or a partaker of the devils altar.
There is a life that you will live and you cannot be a partaker of God’s altar.

Until your life is full of the supernatural you are not living the Christian life. Christianity is the life of the supernatural.

People don’t understand why demons affect human lives.

1 Cor 10:18- 23 Hebrews 13:10.
1 Cor 11:27

Don’t measure your christianity by how kind you are.
The quality and standard of your life depends on your knowledge and application of God’s word on earth.

Our Christian reward is not on this earth, He will reward you for service to him in heaven. The only reward you get in this earth is the reward of your faith.

There is a supernatural life for a christian, I don’t want you to look at the harvest only.
You can use your sacrifice to position your children into the life of their future.

When you walk with God you are not a victim, you become so buoyant and it doesn’t matter if they didn’t remember you, you become too big for them.

You only complain that they didn’t remember you because you didn’t grow. If your life resolves around those owing you it’s because you are small.

Sometimes it appears that unbelievers are more radical than christians in the things they do with demons.
Christians don’t know we are in a warfare.
God wants us to be financially strong to move the gospel forward.
Let your life count for soul winning, any other thing outside of that is useless.

2 King 3:26-27

King of Moab sacrificed his son to defeat Israel. How far can you go?

Solomon had to offer 1000 sacrifices, he had no other option.
Because where he is cannot be sustained by a mere favor by daddy.
He had elder brothers who are alive and are heirs to the throne.
They would have killed him. Power of sacrifice

You can’t wait until you have it, your mind must be burning with something big.

Sometimes God humbles men until they understand that life is spiritual.

If God is going to take you beyond your region, you have to go beyond the ordinary yourself. God is looking for His children to deliver these things into their hands.

You cannot have ordinary normal system of finances and say the gospel is working in your finances. It must be supernatural.

There are those results that have to come to you and there are some you have to call forth.
And sometimes you have to use money to make money.

As you are doing it, call forth your harvest. Sometimes it may look easy to give your best when it’s small.
But it’s a principle, if you do it when it’s small you will also do it when it’s big.

Huge things can happen all you just need to do is trust him.

There is a miracle power of joy in your giving.