How to Get into Graduate School in the U.S

How to Get into Graduate School in the U.S.

Why did I come to the U.S. for graduate school? Although I have always been passionate about schooling abroad, gaining global exposure, and experiencing new things, I was not well informed about how to study abroad and the prerequisites for doing so. In this blog post, I will talk about my background, why I decided […]

3 Things Recruiters look out for in a Talent during Recruitment.

3 Things Recruiters look out for in a Talent during Recruitment. Recruiting a talent for any organization is regarded as a very vital process in Human Resource Management. Recruitment in itself is expensive. It requires a great deal of time and finance. If the right procedures are not adhered to, the recruiter may end up […]

“Endless babe chasing” must stop this year – Eluyemi Lateef

#Guys, that “Endless babe chasing” of one particular forming girl, must stop this year. ******** Guys, be aware that, When a girl likes you, she likes you na ni, even if you have no shishi, she won’t care, she only needs your love & Care. Instead of going back and forth trying to satisfy one […]

Nigerians and the Desire of a male Child

#TheĀ Nigerian baby boy. ******** It’s amazing, how Nigerian couples who initially agreed, to have just two children only, usually break the rule, by looking for one more – a boy. LolĀ  When the first child is a “boy”, every other gender becomes immaterial to many after, another boy or a girl, it’s all good. The […]

Is Buhari Fueling Hardship? – Eluyemi Lateef

If the reason why Buhari raised fuel price from 97 to 145 is to ensure that queue at gas stations get reduced, then he has failed in this direction. Shame on those who shut down the masses from protesting the fuel hike price last year giving us all form of macroeconomic permutations while the new […]