Higher Life Conference UK with Pastor Chris @ O2 Arena

It’s happening again in the United Kingdom this 2017, precisely at the O2 Arena in the month of September!

The Higher Life Conference, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc., D.D is a unique event organized by God’s people. At the meetings, deep spiritual insight from God’s Word, on the higher life in Christ is brought to them through the practical, impactful and anointed teachings by Pastor Chris.

Usually a 3-day event, this timely conference will feature the unique ministry of the Spirit, resulting in increasing knowledge and understanding of God’s word, and ultimately yielding fruitfulness in the lives of many around the world.

Over the years, the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris has been held in nations across the world including South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, the United States of America and in the United Kingdom.

higher life conference

The impact of the ministry of the word through the Man of God these nations have yielded tremendous improvements in the quality of life, economy, governments and various facets of the nations.

And the demonstration of the transforming power of the word, in addition to the deposits of the Spirit made by the ministry of the man of God in each of the host nations, have left indelible marks on the several thousand, usually in attendance on each day of the meetings.

And as is unique to meetings with the Man of God, special Healing miracles have been recorded in each of the past Higher Life Conferences, following the teaching and exposition of God’s word by Pastor Chris. The praise, worship, and testimonials from participants present at past Higher Life Conferences with the Man of God.

And now the HIGHER LIFE CONFERENCE IS COMING AGAIN to the United Kingdom. Expectations already soar high in all territories of the UK and across Europe for as many make earnest preparations to partake of this season of refreshing grace coming through the Man of God to the UK.

How to Register for Higher Life Conference UK with Pastor Chris

Read the information below carefully before registering. There are 3 Sessions and you require a ticket for each session. O2 Arena requires us to charge for the ticket. Each ticket cost £1.50. Three sessions will cost £4.50. Children above 18 months require their own ticket.

Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris 

There are 4 steps to successfully register for the conference.

Step 1 – Registration.

Register on this website. This allows us to provide support if you have any issue with your registration. 

Click here to register

Step 2 – Download KingsChat.

Download the KingsChat application to your mobile phone. It is on Andriod and iPhone. It is REQUIRED because your ticket will be activated on your KingsChat application. 

Click here to download KingsChat

Step 3 – Download KingsPay.

Download the KingsPay application to your mobile phone. It is on Andriod and iPhone. It is the ONLY way to pay for the ticket.

  1. When you download the application change the currency to British Pound Sterlings (£)
  2. Enter the amount for the ticket. It is £1.50 per session. £4.50 for the whole sessions.
  3. Enter HLCUK as the Recipient Code.
  4. Enter your payment card details and then pay.
  5. You will be given a KingsPay Receipt Number. Keep it safe because you will require it for Step 4.

Click here to download KingsPay

Step 4 – Ticket Registration.

This is the final step. Complete the Higher Life Registration Form.

  1. Remember to enter your KingsPay Receipt Number. 
  2. Remember to say Yes where you are asked: “Are you a member of Christ Embassy?”. This is because you are registering through us.
  3. Enter Christ Embassy Hillingdon as the Church Name.
  4. Enter UK Virtual Zone 3 as the Zone.

Click here to register for the ticket