Fulani Herdsmen and Farmers Rants


Fulani Herdsmen and Farmers Rants by Elufowora Eluyemi Lateef

10yrs ago, top farming risks are fire outbreak, disease outbreak, farm theft, Farm Erosion but today, herds farm destruction is no 1 farming Risk factor in Nigeria.

In every serious Agro discussion that I have listened to recently, and talks have had with many Agro-Ethus


iasts, the fear of possible herds invading, that threatens Farming business, remains serious issue of concern.

Today, herdsmen are seen virtually in every space, like they have been locked somewhere before. Rather than these folks to live near where they can see grasses to feed on, the herdsmen enjoy moving them all about, because they also want to live in cities and move herds to and fro, eating from farm to farm, and causing gridlocks on roads.

For more than 6yrs in my state, it is a serious crime, if indigene goats are reported to have destroyed a garden or someone’s backyard farm, and not only will the goat be arrested, but the owner will also be locked up or pay serious fine, an aftermath of legislative act. If it is a crime to rear goats openly, what immunity does cow breeders have???

Today, the leadership is the most deafening I have seen. One wonders what it takes to declare a state of emergency on herding in Nigeria and give emergency laws and restrictions to cow movements and clear warnings to cow breeders. But, when our Presido is the grand patron of Cow breeders in Nigeria, what do we expect???

Protest against herdsmen killing

60% of Security news on dailies today are generally about herdsmen, and we keep moving from the fair to the worst.

IPOB Protest – military actions everywhere, operation this, operation crocodile but herds crisis, what we have seen is Operation silent.