Epic Tower — Andela’s new Nigeria Head Office

Early January 2017, the Andela Nigeria Head office was moved headquarters from Yaba to a new building along Ikorodu Road and named the Epic Tower.

The relocation of the HQ out of Yaba was logical, considering the need to house their increasing number of developers conveniently.

As reported by Techpoint, this is what the new office looks like ahead of the launch. The Epic Tower is named after Andela’s core values — Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration.

Before we get on with the tour, it is important to clarify that Andela still has one location in Yaba — the Amity Campus — which is different from the former corporate headquarters Mark Zuckerberg visited in 2016.

Executive Coordinator, Biodun Laaro welcomed us and gave us a proper tour of the Epic Tower

Biodun Laaro welcomes Techpoint to Andela Epic Tower

The Cafeteria

Media Studio — where all forms of communication get processed

The office of the Country Director is called ‘Black Ops’, headed by Seni Sulyman

Seni Sulyman

This is ‘City by the Bay’ — where the learning and success team works from

This is ‘Computer Village’ — the backbone of the technical team

There is a stairway leading to the developers’ arena

An artwork of Late Nelson Mandela —  Mandela’s beliefs about education resonate around Andela

It would interest you to note that the name Andela was coined from Mandela’s name. I guess they gave him back the “M” to mark their respect for him. 

The reception is still under construction

The developer’s wing is divided into two wings

‘Safari’ — the African-themed wing of Andela

Meeting rooms are named after various prominent African areas like Obudu, Idanre, Udi, Mara, Yaba, Olumo and Naivasha

Nap pods

Just in case the body is weak, there are nap pods to relax the nerves.

The ‘Big Apple’ wing — coined from the nickname for New York City

Meeting rooms are named after various prominent areas like Wall street, Empire state and Grand Central

‘Cognito’ — if you plan to have a private moment with a colleague

‘Grand Central’ hearkens to the popular Grand Central station in NYC

Developers at the ‘Big Apple’ wing

This boat-esque hangout spot is inspired by the fact that all Andela offices are situated in coastal cities

Finally, there is the ‘Social Space’ — where all social gatherings take place

From the rooftop, you can see the Ikorodu road, Anthony Bridge as well as the road leading to the Third Mainland Bridge.

Andela Epic Tower rooftop cafeteriaAndela Epic Tower rooftopAndela Epic Tower rooftop view

Congratulations to Andela as they launch the Epic Tower today.


Photo Credit – TechPoint