“Endless babe chasing” must stop this year – Eluyemi Lateef

#Guys, that “Endless babe chasing” of one particular forming girl, must stop this year.

Guys, be aware that, When a girl likes you, she likes you na ni, even if you have no shishi, she won’t care, she only needs your love & Care. Instead of going back and forth trying to satisfy one playing-hard-to-get, this one will do-the-do instead.

She can feed you, pamper you with care and even offer you tibitibi (If you badly need one) on a platter of Gold sef, even if other men will be the maga to make you enjoy the happiness. Today it is not strange that girl beg you for money and transfer it to another guy where her heart is pointing to.

Well, Babes like this are rear, and when you find one, don’t abuse your stay with inanities, just quietly be enjoying the grace, and pray it leads to somewhere.

And if you are one of those dudes buying this & that, traveling up and down to see babe not wanting to see you, and one wey still do one kind one kind to you, bros relax, and use your brain.

You don’t need to break bank or risk your life, to impress. Let her go if she’s not yielding, and look around for those who need you more, than you ever imagined, cos verily,

there your happiness lies.

Be the man of first choice, and stop running after someone’s else pot of soup.

I won’t say this thing must stop in 2017? oo, but just stop embarrassing your manliness for unfruitful chasing. You are a man abeg, open your eyes. Ao ni sa’se danu oooo..