Brexit: David Cameron Resigns After EU Referandum

I woke up this morning to find out that Brexit was trending on twitter, on further research as to what it means, here is what I found out.

Britain votes to leave European Union


Reports from foreign tabloids says, the United Kingdom (UK) has voted to leave the European Union after a long partnership of 42 years. It was a tight contest which ended with around 48 per cent voting in favour of remaining a part of EU and around 52 per cent voting against it.

The polarised voting trend also manifested itself in terms of how the four different countries that are part of the Great Britain voted. While England and Wales voted to leave the Union, majority of Scotland voters went it support it. Northern Ireland voters also showed a similar sentiment as of Scotland.

Details of how it happened and the implications of this separation coming soon.

Back here in Nigeria, Biafrian supporters are wondering why Biafra can’t separate from Nigeria. Tensions are heightened as it appears that protest may soon be staged in major cities round the country.

What is you take on Brexit?

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