Akpabio or No Akpabio, Akwa Ibom will remain PDP – Ideology

Akpabio or No Akpabio, Akwa Ibom will remain PDP

Akpabio or No Akpabio, Akwa Ibom will remain  PDP  – Ideology

I am aware of the perception by many that another party will take over my dear state if Akpabio joins APC.

Let me take you down our history as a people.

Akwa Abasi Ibom state is not an ordinary state just like every other. We are a special breed after God Almighty. This might sound religious but it is a fact.

Every time we hold solemn assemblies, carol nights and many other occasions where we worship and give thanks to God, we are totally inviting God and surrendering the state to His ruler-ship. We begin and end the each year with special thanks to God. Even on a monthly session, special prayers are rendered to God for the state.

Little wonder why the state is developing at the rate it is developing. Many will think that all these are acts of man, but the truth is, we surrender the state to God each time we reference him.

So to say that events that have happened is the state is God’s will is a statement of fact and truth. It might look like the scheming of man’s intellectual capacity, but we have seen how similar intellectual capacity failed in other states.

Worthy to note is how our leaders emerge. We know how Obong Victor Attah, Chief Godswill Akpabio, and Deacon Udom Emmanuel emerged despite the opposition and court cases.

Secondly, if a child was born in 199, therefore, means that in 2016, the child is 18 years old. 18years of growing up with a pattern, now a grown man and can take responsibilities.

Note that 18 years of PDP is flowing in the child.

Can someone explain how a drop of ANPP, CPC, a fraction of APGA and PDP, LP, and ACN can alter the chemical composition of the child’s make up?

How long will it take for the viruses from the later to fight and succeed the antigens of the former?

This is purely laughable, as He is PDP Spirit, Soul and Body and it has nothing to do with Akpabio.

Talking of Akpabio, He has been part of the last 18 years, so definitely, he has the built and developed men who will stand the test of time with or without his presence.

I understand that some people are parading themselves as elders and trying hard to convince the youths why the state should be part of activities in Abuja. Again this is laughable as they seem not to be aware of the cabal in Aso rock who will not let them see the president at their will.

Furthermore, I also recall of some set of elders who went to Abuja between 1999 -2007, only to form Abuja front and became a problem to the state governor and the state government especially when they could not get the governor to do their bidding against the will of the people.


These elders have tried to convince the youths that “Abuja connection” is necessary so that we can attract FG presence.

I will ask, in the last 18years, were there no states which were not in the same party with the National government and were still doing well, at least Lagos state comes to mind.

I also hear that some elders are not happy that youths can now afford houses, drive good cars, marry beautiful wives at a very young age, and gets themselves engaged in a purposeful venture.

This is also laughable, Thank God for Akpabio, he empowered the youths, it was not all about support me to win elections, he fulfilled his promises to the youth.

Come to think of it, these people who think Akwa Ibom should be handed over to APC, what do they want?

It is simple, the chairman of  APC has said it severally, it is our OIL that they seek.

These same people have acted as a stumbling block to Akwa Ibom getting a seaport, yet they are building new seaports in their area, they have lobbied and stopped Mobil from moving her headquarters to Akwa Ibom where they are making money from. How many Akwa Ibomites are in management positions in Mobil, we know all these things, but you see why I will not follow some people parading themselves as elders, for as long as they are getting some millions, they will continue to keep quiet and not fight for the common man.

These same people love you as “Ekaette” and “Okon” and will always want you to remain “Ekaette” and “Okon”. God forbid!

Above all, far be it, that one man in Ikoyi will be deciding what happens in my dear state. I will rather go to Ibesikpo, Nsit Ibom, Nsit Ubum, Ikot Ekpene, Eket, Oron, Uyo to pay homage than travel to Ikoyi, which is not even cost effective considering the present economic situation, lolzzz.

Let them note that the Will of the people will always be stronger than the scheming of a man, as we saw it in Bayelsa and Rivers. Let’s allow a free playing ground, we all cannot be in APC, win some loss some, one reason I will forever respect Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

At least we have seen the genetic structure of APC, a house of Commotion and drama, more than a years after elections, they are still infighting, we have seen their signatures in Kogi, Ondo, and others, and we don’t want the same in our state.

My advice to the elders is that some of them are rich enough to open cottage industries and start businesses and provide jobs for the unemployed youths, they should take a break respectfully and play a fatherly role for the good of the land.

My advice to the youths, don’t be deceived by APC and their antics, without propaganda and EFCC they have nothing on you, stay clean, DAKKADA! acquire skills and be a champion!

Special thanks to Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, for your good will, and always having the common man in your heart no matter the situation, we love you! And will ever be loyal, several times they have tried and failed, be rest assured that when God is for you, they will try and fail, again and again, we are praying for your wife, God will grants her quick recovery, stay focused on the mandate.

Thanks to my amiable Senator OBA, who has represented us very well and a strong support to Senator Akpabio, thanks to Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district for supporting and standing by Gov. Udom Emmanuel during the trying times, thanks to Gov. Udom Emmanuel for strides so far and carrying the youths along, may God grant you more grace to run the affairs of the state.

Thanks to the ministry of Science and Technology, Youths and Sport, Education, the Roothub and AKEES team

And to the entire ndito akwa abasi ibom, stay calm, we are getting there, the Udom Emmanuel led government can be trusted with our finance, he is a family man and understands your plight, trust me from next year, your salaries will come on time and more campaign promises will be fulfilled.

And to APC take Senator Akpabio away if you want, but prepare to meet 5 million more Akpabio’s at the polls.

Long live ndito akwa Ibom

Long live Ibibio, Eked, Oron, Annang


God bless Akwa Abasi Ibom