Afro Tourism Expo 2016

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The 2016 Theme: Responsible Tourism Practice: Broadways to Africa’s human resource and enterprise development. 

To diversify their economies and address poverty, West African countries are increasingly focusing on tourism development as the region offers a great variety and richness in people, culture, tradition, and World Heritage sites. The region, already a well-known destination for backpackers and, in parts, to package tourists, is an emerging destination with a growth rate in the tourism industry expected to reach over 5% per year in the next decade.

Responsible Tourism (RT) initiated in 1990s is widely accepted as an effective tool for ensuring sustainable development in tourism. The triple bottom line adopted in RT practices addresses social, economic and environmental responsibilities benefiting the tourist, local community and all other stakeholders in tourism. The major advantage of RT is that it is participatory in nature where the Government, local community, NGOs and individual families play key role in promoting tourism. It promotes trickledown effect in tourism benefiting the local community. By conserving the nature and society, RT ensures sustainability in these areas also.


The RT practices across the world reveals that there are best practices that can be emulated elsewhere for developing community livelihood initiatives. Considering the local specific specialties, destinations are developing good number of models that can be practiced in countries in West Africa. West Africa has something to learn from countries like The Gambia. The Gambia have played an important part in developing strategies for engaging with local communities to ensure that they benefit from tourism in their area and in developing both employment and micro-enterprise opportunities for local communities and the economically poor. 

The objectives of this West African Seminar on Responsible Destination Management Seminar are as follows:

  1. To provide training that is responsible tourism-related, relevant and significant to changing the way tourism affects communities, individuals and the environment, particularly in West Africa.
  2. To support and maintain Responsible Tourism training programmes as a subject area for students of contemporary developmental studies in West Africa.
  3. To provide case studies that show the need for a holistic approach to utilize the changing face of international tourism as a catalyst for positive social transformation and environmental protection and economic improvement of communities in West Africa.
  4. To promote a cross-cultural learning model that relies on people coming together in groups, representing different countries, ethnic backgrounds and social norms so that their educational experience is as rich and varied as possible.
  5. To contribute to policy discussions concerning responsible tourism at various levels of governments in West Africa and at the level of the Economic Community of West Africa- ECOWAS.

Responsible tourism destination management is one of the broadways to deliver sustained growth for emerging African tourist sites and host communities.

This subject is relevant to both the public and private sectors involved in managing tourist resources or logistics. We hereby invite relevant tourism stakeholders to fully participate in this epoch seminar in Abuja Nigeria.

Afro Tourism Expo 2016 is packed to empower participants with current tourism-related knowledge, industry reports and enterprise resources.

Typically, we have additional conference and seminar sessions for people who would attend as ‘delegates’. They will make a one-off registration fee of N59, 000 ($250).


Registration fee includes:

v  Access to the full complement of Afro Tourism Expo 2016 programme and activities

v  Reserved seats during the opening event including international tourism experts’ paper presentation and panel discussions based on the theme for 2016.

v  Hands-on world class seminar and workshop on Thursday to Saturday, October 13 to 15, 2016

v  Daily tea/coffee breaks, buffet lunch and bottled water

v  Responsible Tourism Management Resources and easy-to-use Training Materials from The International Centre for Responsible Tourism (UK).

v  Seminar paraphernalia including conference bags (Africa-themed), notepads and crafted pens.

v  Event soft copy pictures and select group photographs.

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Accordingly, we invite interested organisations to reach us via our online discussion platforms or other listed contact details herein.

Better still, email us via or call +234 803 707 1130, +234 805 844 7017