Advance Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity

Advance Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity(More Control and Value from your time and life)

About this course: You will be able to gain and apply your knowledge and understanding of personal and professional awareness, organization and commitment, and use the tools, methods and techniques that you have learned in goal setting, prioritization, scheduling, and delegation to overcome time management challenges and enhance productivity.

Advanced Time Management Training delivers this increased value from your time through five easy-to-use, trademarked time planning tools. Through highly-interactive learning, participants will apply these easy-to-use mental tools for more effective calendar use. More significantly though, they can apply these time management skills in numerous other ways to get more of what is important to them done in less time, both on and off the job.

Time Management Training Program Highlights: Using Our Valuable Time Planning Tools

Our time planning tools are designed to impact all aspects of both professional and personal life –

  • People – A method to immediately improve the value derived from every relationship
  • Projects – Timely completion of your most important project activities to advance your goals
  • Organization – Improved productivity through quick, effective planning & organization tools
  • Delegation – Much more effective and timely delegation
  • Follow Through – A tool for preventing anything from falling through the cracks
  • Focus – Staying in focus despite interruptions, increased value from each personal interaction
  • Goal Accomplishment – Connecting daily activities to your work and life goals
  • Listening – Using listening time much more effectively
  • Communications – Reducing the time delays and value lost by miscommunications
  • Procrastination – Escape the “As Soon As Trap” that so often defeats most other time management training
  • Control – More control and value from your time and your life
  • Success – More every day Achievement and Enjoyment on and off the job
Course Objectives:
  • Explore why time management issues arise
  • Improve ability to plan and prioritise work
  • The importance of setting clear goals
  • Minimize wasted time and distractions in the workplace
  • How to avoid being deflected from your priorities
  • Self-motivation as a time management tool Time Management
  • Dealing with unexpected events that steal time
  • Tools and techniques for effective delegation
  • How to say ‘no’ to some ‘now’ requests

Time Management Training Benefits to Your Organization

  • Increased individual productivity, accountability and commitment
  • Much more timely individual and team project completion
  • More effective communication throughout the organization
  • Less negative organizational stress
  • Noticeably improved teamwork

Time Management Training Benefits to the Individual

  • More control and value from your time and your life
  • Increased recognition and reward from higher personal productivity levels
  • Improved relationships both on and off the job
  • Reduced stress and more enjoyment of everyday life

The workshop details include:

Date – Tuesday, 24th Jan, 2017

Time – 12noon – 2pm

Venue – Kristina Jade Center, 70B Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos

Event Fees – FREE

For seat bookings please call 09091020049 or 08065252745 or email your details to

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