3 Things Recruiters look out for in a Talent during Recruitment.

3 Things Recruiters look out for in a Talent during Recruitment.

Recruiting a talent for any organization is regarded as a very vital process in Human Resource Management. Recruitment in itself is expensive. It requires a great deal of time and finance.

If the right procedures are not adhered to, the recruiter may end up losing the best candidate for a position and the potential negative return on bad recruit can be as high as 200%. Hence hiring manager must ensure that they recruit the best candidate to fill the vacant position.

Here is a list of 3 things recruiters look out for in talent.

1. Competence –

This is could account for 60% of the total parameters used for assessing a candidate and most organizations will list competency as one of the most important factors to consider. Hiring a candidate who lacks basic skills, experiences and education required for the job will amount to training the employee after recruitment, except the organization have made plans for training. Such candidate will definitely be a bad recruit.

2. Work Ethics –

Recruiters often times ask, Does this candidate principles align with the organizations overall work culture and ethics? Culture is generally regarded as the way of life of a place. Every organization has a definite work ethics or way that people behave and interact with each other in the organization. It could also include mode of dressing. It could be difficult to cope in any working environment if ones work ethics do not fit.

3. Attitude –

Like some say, attitude is everything, recruiters would also want to find out if the candidate can be trusted with a task, if they are honest. Are they teachable? How about punctuality? Do they have passion for the role? How would they react to a challenge in the course of their work? Most interview questions are also tailored in this direction.